SafetyABC instructors are trained and certified by Fall Protection Group Inc. to deliver, on Fall Protection Group’s behalf, this safety training program. Certified SafetyABC instructors are Craig Doran and Ken Blyth.

Workers that require to use fall protection, and are working under O. Reg. 213/91 Construction Projects regulation prescribed under the OHSA, require a MOL approved course. This includes workers that are required to use any of the following methods of fall protection: a travel restraint system, a fall restricting system, a fall arrest system, a safety net, a work belt, or a safety belt.

There is a 3 year legislative expiry.

For workers on construction projects, that are not required to use fall protection, however require heights hazard information awareness, ETS offers facilitated, blended, and sole E-Learning Heights Information Awareness.

Post-Training Application Instruction:

It is legislated that adequate training and adequate oral and written instructions on proper use of the specific fall protection system to be used is conducted. This instruction must be provided by a “competent person” who is:

  • qualified through knowledge, training and experience to organize the work and its performance
  • familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and the regulations that apply to the work being performed
  • aware of any actual or potential danger to health and safety in the workplace

ETS offers various Facilitated and Blended delivery methods.

Information Awareness:

Workers on Construction Projects, that are not required to use fall protection, are not legislated to be trained to the MOL training Standard. SafetyABC offers Heights Information Awareness for persons that maybe exposed to height hazards, however are not required to use fall protection to perform tasks.

ETS offers Facilitated, Blended, and sole E-Learning Delivery methods.

En-Safe (1992):

Premium Working at Heights facilitated training by an expert, available for the industrial and mining sectors.

En-Safe (1992) Working at Heights