SafetyABC is now a division of ETS providing safety awareness training, post-training application instruction, information awareness, and OHS consulting solutions. For example, one course offered is Working at Heights (WAH) training in Ontario. The new, MOL-approved, WAH training for Construction Projects is under the SafetyABC division, not En-Safe (1992). The certificate training is transferable from employer to employer, certification is issued by the MOL, not the training provider, and is intended only to be an awareness course, not to be tailored or customized. It is also typically shorter in duration than an En-Safe (1992) course. However, in addition to the MOL-approved course, participants require post-training application instruction. Also, for workers who may be exposed to height hazards or potential dangers, but do not perform a task requiring the use of fall protection PPE on a construction project, information awareness may be an adequate business solution alternative to the MOL-approved course. The above is an example of safety awareness training, post-training application instruction, and information awareness. Clients in the industrial or mining sector can receive an En-Safe (1992) WAH course, and we strongly recommend this.

For an effective business solution and due diligence, more than one level of training may be more logistically feasible. There is a typical hierarchy of learning and various levels of delivery. With an adequate training-gap analysis, various business solution options can be designed to suit any safety or HR budget, logistical, or resource restrictions, and yet still put your people first.