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Based on an adequate training-gap analysis, blended and sole E-Learning may be an alternative business solution supplement. From our wealth of experience, E-Learning is often misused and/or not effective. For example, Sole E-Learning is not intended for Certification for workers that perform work, and  IT literacy can serve as a significant barrier for participants attempting to get access to the course materials, when technical support is not available for Blended learning.

To expand in this delivery method, En-Safe Business E-Learning Solutions decided to have strategic alliances with organizations with a proven product and build on their IT experience and expertise with our knowledge and experience, as experts in particular subject material. We decided to use our time and resources to build from standardized programs and reliable Learning Management Systems (LMS), and focus on what we are experts at. With that said, there are design restrictions with our products, due to program coding of the standardized programs we use. Our designs are always a work in progress, and suggestions and support are always welcomed.

We will offer 3 levels of E-Learning training: standardized, tailored, and customized. What differentiates these levels and us from our competition is the tailored training design! The design of the tailored programs is overseen by a professional with at least 25 years of experience in the industry, and is considered an expert with respect to the specific topic and application.