Tailored E-Learning is what differentiates ETS from our competition. A tailored program is designed to fit your industry and/or organization. Typically, ETS provides 4 tailored program options: pre-training, post-training applications, annual reviews, and information awareness sessions.

For example, a worker that is to receive Working at Heights Certificate Training, as an option may wish to have pre-training to enhance their knowledge prior. After completing Certificate Training, they may require supplementary specific instruction at the site level verified by a Competent Person. Since certificate training typically has a 3 year expiry, workers should also have an annual review. Workers that may be exposed to height hazards but do not require WAH certificate training since they are not required to use fall protection, could receive an information awareness session.

The design of the tailored programs is overseen by a professional with at least 25 years of experience tailored to the specific topic and applications.

Based on an adequate training program gap analysis, Tailored E-Learning can be an effective tool to supplement participants overall learning.

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